Can it surprise?

I created over 100 custom and responsive landing pages and infographics for Alight. Though we were able to templatize most pages, these custom pages varied too much and were created using reusable code to shorten development time by over 60% all while maintaining great reliability. The ability to cope with the design needs and flex Alight's brand styles proved instrumental to their success.

*Please note: these pages are snapshots throughout 2 years — they contain both old and new Alight brand styles.

Cost savings

It’s time to act now: employees are more unhealthy, stressed and confused than ever

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Research report preview

Unlocking Enterprise Value: How leadership, culture, and data define profitable employee experiences

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2020 Workforce Mindset Study

Getting a pulse on employers' response to COVID-19

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Alight Total Health

Enrollment is done. Now what?

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Case study preview

How 3 organizations are elevating the employee experience and realizing measurable outcomes

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