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Alight Total Health

Enrollment is done. Now what?

With Alight Total Health, analytics guide your people to make better healthcare decisions and curb overspending. ROI guaranteed.

Exclamation point A warning, benefits can be puzzling.
Here’s the deal

Benefits can be puzzling

Employees want to make the best decisions, but due to time, resources or sheer confusion, they make decisions that cost them and your organization big.

Visualization of data We assemble the data to provide greater insights.
How we solve it

Assemble the data

With one integrated platform, we can share greater insights on benefits. Now your people can make smart decisions across their entire wellbeing with the best cost and care in mind.

A hand transforms benefits An illustration of a hand holding benefits.
How it works

Transform the way employees use their benefits

Data engine

Hyper-personal insights

AI and data-driven targeting can anticipate employee needs, inform them about gaps in care and encourage benefits usage.

Cost savings

The most effective care

Employee needs are optimized by providing them the right services and resources from the start, eliminating costly providers, prescriptions and unnecessary procedures.


24/7 personalized support

A single destination for employee benefits needs—from enrollment and life events to checking a 401(k) balance—with access to a virtual assistant, live customer care and concierge support.

Data showing increased usage. An illustration showing increasing usage.
Our commitment

A full ROI on a benefits program your people are finally happy to use

By making it simple for employees to choose and use their benefits, you’ll see higher program satisfaction and lower healthcare costs. We can guarantee your health plan will save what it spent.

An illustration of technology, a phone and computer. Our platform connects multiple solutions together, accessible through a variety of devices.
Our services

Everything health on a single platform

Alight Total Health’s integrated approach achieves results by combining multiple solutions into one platform. These solutions include:

  • Benefits administration
  • Personalized targeting
  • Reimbursement accounts
  • Wellbeing programs
  • Healthcare navigation
  • Employee communications
  • Smart call routing
  • Customer care, call center support
  • Dependent verification
  • Compliance