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It’s time to act now: employees are more unhealthy, stressed and confused than ever

Amid an ongoing global pandemic with no end in sight, you need to optimize your employee experience and provide them with best-in-class benefits, keeping them healthy, happy and productive — and lowering costs for your organization.

In the past, employees didn’t spend much time on benefits enrollment...

18 minutes
the average time spent selecting yearly benefits options1 — the same amount of time people spent choosing a show to watch on Netflix every day2

...but COVID-19 now forces people to put more thought into the healthcare benefits they choose...

45% of adults
say virus-induced stress has negatively impacted their mental health3

29% of Americans
have avoided care out of fear during COVID3

48% of physicians
are treating patients through telemedicine4

...and their dependent care cost concerns continue to rise.

52% of parents anticipate higher childcare costs than before COVID-195

47% are more concerned about childcare costs now than they were pre-pandemic5

96% feel government or business leaders should provide financial support for childcare5

What do HR and benefit leaders need to consider going into 2021 given this new landscape?

Download our checklist to find out.