I've written these code snippets. They're a bit boring, honestly, but an incredibly useful catalog of experiments, small applications, or production code I'm using.

Proportion solver and viewer

A simple browser-based visualizer that solves a:b/c:d ratios. Outputs perfect calculations for resizing and maintaining your proportions.

JSON-based run-time generation script

Purpose-built Javascript that allows Marketo admins to easily and limitlessly repeat items on the page through JSON objects — perfect for video and webinar listing pages.

Bootstrap 4.5 spacing.scss standalone module

Production SCSS that converts Bootstrap's spacing module to stand-alone while also expanding ranges on vanilla.

Random color transition with weighted influence

Purpose-built Javascript code used to randomize color changes with definable start and stop points and randomization curve.

Procedural SVG line generator

This experimental Javascript function creates SVG lightning effects — an exploration of arrays and efficient checks of space occupations.

Bootstrap 4.5 sidebar layout

Development HTML used to create effective landing pages with minimal additional coding — the continuously visible sidebar has significant increases to conversion rates.

Rearrange Marketo elements on page load

Purpose-built Javascript that circumvents Marketo's limitations by rearranging the order of elements at runtime.

Local-based .ICS calendar generator

Based on moment.js and dissected .ICS files, this local browser application outputs Microsoft Outlook calendar hold files for email attachment or web-hosting.

DOM SVG line length calculator

This utility function targets by selectors at runtime and calculates SVG line and path lengths to effectively hide the SVG. This is built specifically for GSAP draw-on animations.