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I supported Alight's entrance into the global market — this included an HTML5 and CSS overhaul, creation of standardized email and landing page Marketo templates, and new considerations for web accessibility and support for global languages. This included review of vendor's work, custom Bootstrap SCSS files and cross-training Alight's global marketers. While these templates fulfill a lot of needs, I still create custom paid media landing pages for campaigns when needed.

Standard landing pages:

Various email modules from the primary template:

Originally only available by restarting with a different template, whole template types were collapsed into simple dropdown selectors — removing frustration and enabling palette swaps for less tech-savvy partners.

A surprising amount of web site pages and email modules needed to be simplified and reconfigured to work with multiple languages: for instance, Italian and German text lengths can average 200% longer than English. This was also a great opportunity to work with multilingual coworkers and transcreation vendors. consists of 10 regional sites in 6 different languages:

Administrative sections of emails were standardized and templatized across languages: